Asaf Goren So you Think you Can Dance Video: “el hebreo Interruptor” Hace su Reaparición Después de la Eliminación — VER AQUÍ!

Asaf Goren made a huge comeback on Monday’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” the first live episode of season 12. Watch below!

The self-proclaimed “Hebrew Breaker” blew away the judges in his audition. But during the Las Vegas callbacks, Goren struggled with choreography, AND clashed with the panel, cutting off Nigel Lythgoe, and angering Jason Derulo and mentor tWitch. It was no surprise then that when the Top 20 for 2015 was revealed last week, the Israeli performer wasn’t selected as one of the 10 street dancers.

As it turned out, though, another dancer’s misfortune ended up giving Goren a second chance. Alain “Hurrikane” Lauture had to drop out of the competition due to an injury, and Goren was invited to re-join in his place. In a confessional, the aspiring star admitted he spent the two days before getting contacted by producers taking “17 classes” to improve.

Well, improve he did. Paired up with Lily Frias, Burim “B1″ Jusufi, and Jaja Vankova for a choreographed routine, Asaf and his group received a standing ovation. An excited Derulo exclaimed afterwards, “Man, I wanted to stand up before that. I didn’t wanna interrupt ya’all performance. That was beasty. That’s the best word I could come up with.”

Lythgoe was clearly still upset about his previous dispute with Goren, even asking the contender, “Asaf, are you going to let me finish what I’m saying tonight?” He went on to tell Goren what the contestant wouldn’t let him get out last time. “This isn’t ‘So You Think You Can Entertain,’ but if you’re a good dancer and you’re an entertainer, too, you have the ability to win this competition.”

The veteran judge added, “Take a few more than 17 lessons, you’re gonna get there, young man.” For her part, third judge Paula Abdul praised Goren and his fellow b-boy Burim, saying, “You and Asaf shocked the living daylights out of me.” After the critiques, Asaf thanked his fellow dancers “for not giving up” on him.

It’s up to America, though, to decide whether Goren or any of the dancers survive next week’s elimination, and it remains to be seen whether his live routine can make up for his previous attitude. Check out the video below. Do you think Goren’s comeback warrants full redemption?