‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe “In Love” While Nick And Shawn “Hate” Each Other During Overnights

“The Bachelorette” episode 9 had Kaitlyn Bristowe going on her two remaining overnight dates in Ireland, first with Ben H. and then with Shawn, eliminating one of the three men left, and then heading back to the U.S. for the hometown dates. The episode was also filled with lots of talk about “hate” and being “in love.”

Monday’s show began, where it left off last week, with Shawn fighting with Nick about whether he was on “The Bachelorette” for the right reasons. Similarly, Nick questioned Shawn’s intentions.

Next, Bristowe went on a date with Ben H. in Galway, Ireland. First, they went horseback riding in the beautiful countryside before sharing a picnic on the greenest grass before a majestic castle. During their lunch, Bristowe tells Ben H. that that’s where they’re going to have dinner. Over a romantic dinner, Ben H. tells “The Bachelorette,” “I’m falling in love with you, not a question in my mind.”

The two kissed throughout dinner, and spent the night together in the castle’s fantasy suite. After their night together, Bristowe tells the camera that she’s falling in love with him.

Following her date with Ben H., it was Shawn’s time alone with “The Bachelorette.” For their date, they went golfing. After their round, they played “Truth Or Dare,” during which Bristowe dared Shawn to run on the course naked. Not surprisingly, he jogged on the course nude. Bristowe extended his streaking by stealing his clothes and running off with them.

Over dinner, “The Bachelorette” asked Shawn about why he hates Nick so much and whether some things his rival said about him were true. What was originally supposed to be a quiet romantic meal turned contentious, with Shawn getting heated and calling Nick “delusional,” an “*sshole,” and a “terrible person.”

Even though “The Bachelorette” acknowledged that Nick and Shawn “hate each other,” and that it’s “taking away what I feel for both of them,” she still spent the night with Shawn after their, at times, uncomfortable dinner.

The next morning when Shawn headed back to his room, he was confronted by Nick, who wanted to talk. The argument in Shawn’s room was just like the one in Nick’s. The net result was Shawn telling Nick that he’s “worse than I ever thought,” and “I don’t care if I ever speak to you for the rest of my life… get the f*ck out!”

It was then time for the rose ceremony when Bristowe needed to eliminated one guy before going on the “hometown” dates. She told Chris Harrison beforehand that Nick and Shawn’s “immature” feud affected how she felt about them, and that “Ben would make a great husband.” After telling the three remaining men how much she enjoyed the overnight dates, especially since they were so “honest” and “sensitive,” it was time to say goodbye to one of the guys. Incredibly, “The Bachelorette” eliminated Ben H.

In the car ride away, Ben H. said he was “not expecting” to be sent home, and that he “could have had something great [with Bristowe], but it’s over.” That left Bristowe to say that she believes she’s “in love,” and toasted Shawn and Nick, saying she can’t wait to meet their families on the hometown dates.

For the family dates, they went to a resort in Park City, Utah. First, she met Nick’s giant family in the hotel. “The Bachelorette” spoke to Nick’s grown sister alone, then with his three brothers. Next, Bristowe was asked by Nick’s little sister whether she loved him, to which she replied that she cares about him “a lot, a lot, a lot. “The Bachelorette” met with Nick’s mom last.

His family liked her, and Bristowe liked Nick’s family, noting after meeting them she felt “part of the family.” Bristowe told the camera afterwards that she’s “in love” with Nick, and that he’s the guy “I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Bristowe then met with Shawn’s family, including his two sisters and dad, who questioned their relationship, but ultimately gave the two their thumbs up. While alone, Shawn told Bristowe, “I love you.” It all left “The Bachelorette” even more confused because she “cares so much” for both of them. What did you think of this week’s episode?